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Custom Mix - 30ml & 100ml

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Now you can tailor our E-Liquid to your own personal preference. Simply choose your Flavour and strength, Nicotine content and PG/VG ratio.


As per new TPD law, custom mixes are all 0mg for now.


What you are buying:

- 30ml or 100ml bottle with child-proof cap.

- Free 10ml Syringe, and 5ml 2x pipette (100ml bottles only).

- Choice to decline 10ml Syringe and receive just 5ml pipettes (x2).

- Premium E-liquid mix with premium flavourings.

- Can be used with all types of refillable electronic cigarette.

Custom mix orders may be subject to at least 24 hours extra delivery time, dependent on work load. Please take this in to consideration before ordering.

* It should be noted that 100% VG mixes will contain minute PG content ( due to all flavourings containing PG as a base). Unless you are EXTREMELY senisitive to PG (which is very uncommon) we would ask that you contact us first before ordering. The amount of PG should not affect those who have a high intolerance to PG additives. We include PG on our labels as a health and safety condition.

If you require needle nosed bottle caps for easy filling, they are available from: HERE. (NOT SUITABLE FOR THE 100ml BOTTLES).

Product Code: CUSTOM30/100

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Facts About Our E-Liquid

All our E-Liquid products are made from only pharmaceutical grade solution, completely pure, without any added chemicals.

Our E-liquid is mixed with a perfect blend of PG and VG solution in order to produce the best flavour, throat hit and vapour production. Our blends produce the very best E-Liquid experience and ensures your maximum safety, atomiser longevity and your satisfaction.

Our E-liquid is mixed and bottled in the UK, in sterile conditions which conform to EU food regulations and standards. For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

All industry standard warning labels are included indicating the nature of the product, child proof caps with raised tactile warning triangles or raised tactile warning stickers both for the visually impaired (the particular warning method depends on our specific products). Typically our standard E-Liquid bottles come with the warning traingle on the cap.

Typical Ingredients Of Our E-Liquid

Each of our E-Liquids has its own secret recipe. However all our E-Liquids contain the following: PG (propylene glycol), generally a higher percentage of VG (vegetable glycerine) if a sweet E-Liquid, Nicotine (varying strengths), distilled water and high grade, concentrated flavourings (unless a Custom Mix is requested). Our standard Tobacco range take a higer PG percentage to simulate a more true tobacco experience. Every bottle of E-Liquid will have its ingredients printed on the label along with a use-by date.

E-Liquid Cracking Certain Brands of Tanks / Clearomisers

It is common knowledge that some E-Liquids may crack or damage your specific tank or device. This typically happens more with fruit based flavours and clearomisers. Puffin E-Liquid UK accepts no responsibility for damage to your E-Cigarette device. We advise caution and self awareness when using such liquids. Our liquids are of the highest quality however, with the great range and variety of hardware available we cannot guarantee that any of our products will not crack or damage your equipment. Be responsible with your equipment. Feel free to contact us with details on the E-Liquid and device used if you experience an issue, this will allow us to add precautionary advice in advance.

Customer Reviews

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Best custom mixes online + HQ liquid

"I've been buying this eliquid for a few months now and I've found my perfect mix (bubblegum 80VG 3MG). It's very smooth and helped get rid of a slight cough I had with other high PG eliquids. There is a lot of vapor for those who like to cloud chase. The taste is great. Not too overwhelming when you get the normal strength taste. The syringe and pipettes are very handy too for putting the liquid in smaller bottles. Overall this is the best sight I've found in six years of vaping for custom mixes and the best eliquid. Thanks Puffin!"

steven morrison :: 08 Sep 2016, 16:04

Cherrylicious Custom Mix

"Have been purchasing custom mix from puffin orr a few months now. Delivery is fast. I wanted a higher VG liquid so have tried a few mixes and settled on 80/20 Vg/pg. gives great flavour and vape production is great. I have tried a few other flavours but as a creature of habit have stuck with cherry. Would be nice if it was possible to order a selection of custom flavours so I could try without having to order 30ml. If there was an option to order 10 x 3ml custom flavours I would do it. Best liquid I have found. Will keep me as a customer for a while. I just made my first 100ml order. Cheers"

Christopher Edwards :: 08 Jun 2016, 15:03

Epic strawberry

"Just bought the strawberry with extra flavour and the flavour is immense, clean and v natural tasting. Much better than some gourmet liquids I've bought at a much higher price.will definitely be ordering again and will be recommending to others. Good job."

Dmerc :: 20 Feb 2016, 13:12

Strawberry 6mg 30ml Puffin Mix

"Like this one quite good flavour but will go for extra flavour on my next order as had some other vapes with slightly more taste. Again easy to order fast delivery. Well done Puffin."

Bill Preston :: 13 Feb 2016, 23:53

Best tasting so far ...

"Stumbled across the site looking for a custom mix as higher PG content wasn't getting in well with my body. Having tried 4 vendors (only a few months Vaping), Puffin score highest. Ordered 80vg with 3mg in Bubble gum and Peach Passion. BG is OK flavour but Peach is v v nice! Opted out of extra flavouring after placing the order, so maybe will order with extra next time. No throat hits, coughs, very smooth and tasty vape plus clouds! Using crown tank with 0.5ohms coil running at 55w. Wish there were sampling bottles one could try or buy flavourings only to diy before placing orders for 100ml bottles. Packaging - very lab like, which I love!"

Arslan :: 12 Feb 2016, 16:47

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